Trying to rebuild but continue to fail :(

QuestionsTrying to rebuild but continue to fail :(
Hildegard Haly asked 5 years ago

So I finally have decent scores  EQ 684 EX 674 TU 740 but they are about to deduct 100 points Im sure Smiley Sad


I called to make a payment on my car loan only to find out they did not receive last months payment.  They said I am 30 days late today and they report 30 days or more when late.  I made 2 payments today but I dont think that will help.   Im just so upset, my payment was lost in the mail I guess.  And they never called or emailed me to warn me.


I have been looking at cars/loans for 2 weeks and trying to get better credit cards.   It tooks me 1 year to get to this score and everytime something always happens.


Before i lose my some what of a decent credit score should I apply for a car loan or credit cards first?  Or can I do both at the same time?  I think I have a few weeks before they report my 30 day late.

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