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QuestionsTravel card advice – Venture
asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone. I stumbled upon this forum when searching for travel reward cards. It seems like the CP Venture card is the most lucrative. I have a few questions…


1) I plan to make frequent trips to a location that will average 3,600 miles RT, possibly a couple times a month. I’m looking for a card that will give me back in miles. Is the Venture the card for that?

2) I see people mentioning applying for QS right after Venture. Is this still recommended? 

3) How do I get a pre-approval for these?


100% Payment history. 94M length of credit. 3 credit pulls in the last 2 years. 68% Utilization. My score from EX is 714. Credit karma says TU: 625 EQ: 633. lol I mean what the hell is that? Anyways, I see that people are getting high limits with the Venture card which seems more appealing to me as it will bring down my utilization faster. I can have all my credit paid off by April but if I can improve my credit now AND bank of travel rewards, I figured why not. What do you think I should do?

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