TransUnion split file … ugh.

QuestionsTransUnion split file … ugh.
Bebe Vanburen asked 4 years ago

I had a few odd issues with TransUnion that didn’t quite add up:

1) I could never freeze/unfreeze my report online. I always had to call in and speak with someone;

2) Whenever I’d try to do something online, they’d say they couldn’t verify my info;

3) I was missing several accounts when I’d look at my report on CCT or MyFico.


So I ordered a copy of my report through the mail (since I couldn’t do anything online, and found out I have a split file. Not 2 parts. Not 3 parts. It’s split in 4.


Now I get to undertake a new adventure next week: Trying to get them to merge my file back into one. This should be fun given how “awesome” TransUnion’s customer service has been every time I’ve needed to call them.


I’ll update this thread with the results, but in the meantime, pray for my patience and credit soul….Smiley Very Happy

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