TransUnion Gained 28 Points

QuestionsTransUnion Gained 28 Points
Jermaine Moody asked 5 years ago

Today to my surprise my score went up at TransUnion. I have no clue as to why.  I thought maybe my Goodwill letter to a collection agency had resulted in it being deleted from my file. It is a paid collection for $ 52 but it is still showing up when I view my report.  As far as I can tell all of my other accounts are the same. I have now had 2 car payments report and a couple of installment loan payments. 


I am delighted to see the increase and now both my Equifax and TransUnion are almost the same number hovering between 595 for Equifax and 585 for TransUnion. Experian still shows 553 which still has me in the poor category.  There is a Chase account that was included in my Chapter 13 bankruptcy which still shows 4 or 5 late payments. The account does show included in Bankruptcy.

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