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asked 4 years ago

OK Wednesday I filed a dispute on several items through Transunion. It shows 2 of 4 items completed as of Friday. I’m assuming they won’t update me until my whole dispute is resolved, but does anyone have any insight as to what they’ll tell me. I realize not all disputes are resolved and I’m trying to remain realistic about mine. If they can’t resolve them, will they give me options to attempt correction myself?

My disputes were all on student loans that were sold to different lenders, but Sallie Mae was still reporting unpaid balances. There was also two student loans that are reporting negative information/stating that the accounts were delinquent but being paid by insurance whatever that means. The dispute I have with these two loans is that I don’t have any information that I took these loans out.

Also, are all my credit bureau reports locked since I only filed a dispute with Transunion or are EX/EQ still unlocked?
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TheCreditProsIntl replied 4 years ago
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