Top 20 Credit Union says I owe… Have no idea

QuestionsTop 20 Credit Union says I owe… Have no idea
asked 4 years ago

They got my name and address right with an account number.


Just checked my TU report and do not see anything about this no inquiries concerning this. I have no idea what they’re talking about, but they are looking for a few thousand dollars!


Says if if I have any questions please contact them with the appropriate numbers and obviously I did, but did not provide my social the first call. Going to call back, but what the…


My score is good and I don’t need this right now. What kind of situation am I in and what should I be doing right now….. Notice says I have a couple weeks to make payment arrangements of which I know nothing about. This is crazy. Credit Union is legit in the US. Is there a chance they got me mixed up with somebody else and the wrong social??(which would be very unprofessional) I’m just concerned about my fico score right now obviously.


I dug around a little bit and this credit union does not do hard inquiries apparenty so therefore I wouldn’t be able to see anything on my TU report (haven’t tried EX or EQ yet I do the free report every 4 months) But I would at least see a soft inquiry right??? I’m hoping they got my name mixed up…….(once again very unprofessional if the case)

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