Took my friend from a 547 FICO to a 702 FICO in 3 1/2 HOURS.

QuestionsTook my friend from a 547 FICO to a 702 FICO in 3 1/2 HOURS.
Patrick Wrixon asked 4 years ago

So, the other day a very good friend of mine was telling me her credit woes, and how she was unable to get a mortgage due to her score being mid 500s. So, I asked her if she minded if we pulled her credit to see if I could help her, uisng all my skills learned from MYFICO over the past 2+ years here. She had decent overall credit, but had a recent 30 day late from her AMAZON account (Synchrony) and then back in 2015 had a 30, 60 and 90 day late on that same account.  I knew the 60 and 90 were killing her score, as was the 30 day late from December. She also had a CHARGE OFF showing from a SEARS account, which is under Citi, but she was only AU on this account. 


What I did was guide her over the phone, while on 3 way and all her creditors informed that I was on the line with her authorization, on how to request a good will deletion of the lates on her file. At first the CSRs were not budging, so I was chatting with her via text on exactly how to word what she was looking to have done, and to continually escalate to a manager. It was really an awesome way to accomplish her goals because she was utilizing my knowledge in an area she had none at all (she was clueless as to what a GW was, or even the difference between a 30 day late and 90 day). Finally, the manager at AMAZON said that as a one time courtesy she was deleting the recent 30 day late, but could do nothing about the lates from 2015. Fine. Easy peasy.  I then drafted a letter for her to the Synchrony CEO — detailing her situation (surgery in 2015 for her son, leading to high medical bills and lost income), and we fired this GW off.  Less than 2 hours later, she gets a call from Synchorny EO saying they are looking into it and will let her know the outcome………..


Next up was SEARS — we called them and had them remove her as AU from her husbands account, as the CO was killing her score as well, as it was just done in November ’16. They were super easy to deal with, deleted her as AU, and we were done in 5 minutes.  


Two days later, on Saturday, she pulled her scores again on CCT — and HOLY MAGOLI!!!!! Scores on Thursday were:  EX 547 TU 555 EQ 524 and scores on Saturday were: EX 702  TU  700  EQ 698. BOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Synchorny had deleted the 30 day late from December and ALL the lates from 2015 … Citi removed her as AU on the charged off SEARS account as well!!! 3 1/2 hours of phone calls, Good Will emails and persistence in the face of annoying, unhelpful frontline CSRs and these results!!  She immediately was approved that day for AMEX Blue Cash at $ 5,500, and Cap1 Venture at $ 15,000 !!!!!  Prior to this she could not get CREDIT ONE to give her a card! I was so happy for her, and legitimately thought about turning my services into a business of some sort for the under-educated credit consumers out there.  


She was over the moon, cried on the phone, and paid me an unsolicited fee for my time and services — it was overall an amazing day.  3 1/2 hours fo my time enabled a good friend to get her credit fixed literally overnight, and she will now be applying for that mortgage in probably 6 months to a year with what will likely be excellent scores! 


Always push on and NEVER take no for an answer, PERIOD!!!!! 🙂

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