Too many credit reports?

QuestionsToo many credit reports?
Eddy Geils asked 6 years ago

Over the last week or so, I’ve been repeatedly pulling my EQ report (pay for unlimited) to see when my CC payments / CLI post so I could app for a new card. I actually pulled my EX and TU by initiating a dispute to fix my last name & birthdate and was able to check those too. Admittedly, I did this a couple times over a few days to see when my corrections applied & when my CC payments / CLI posted.


Now, when I tried to pull my EQ to see the effect of my CC app, they are saying “you already ordered that today” but I’ve never had this problem before always able to pull mutliple times a day. I tried to get my free credit report from TU and EX ( and they are saying I can’t view my report online and I have to mail in.


Do you think I’ve pulled too many credit reports? I have credit monitoring with EQ and they haven’t sent me any warnings of fraud so I don’t think my CR have triggered a fraud flag. Is there a limit to how many CR can be pulled in a given time period? Do they freeze your reports? If so, how long does that last?

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