To pay or not to pay??? CO

QuestionsTo pay or not to pay??? CO
asked 4 years ago

I’m new here. Just recently sold my house in December I jointly had with ex through short sale my credit score was a 547 then jumped to 625 on TU 640 EQ. I proceeded to update my report with the info and an old CO from Toyota in 2/13 reappeared on my report as a new update with 0 balance closed and droppedmy score. I disputed it and my score just dropped to 535 worse than previous and it now says I have a balance of 536 and it’s a open account. I called Toyota and they said I had to call business associates which I did. They say in their notes the balance is due to Geico not paying off whole balance for total loss. I was never late with Toyota and I had my payments to date with the total loss. I know the CO will fall off in February 2020. i dont know how to proceed.

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