Tips on Raising Score- Is This Possible?

QuestionsTips on Raising Score- Is This Possible?
Karine Lukis asked 4 years ago

Hello all, I’m new to the forum. I’m thinking of buying a house within the next 1-2 years. I need to raise my credit, and I want to be sure to keep up with it. Here’s my info:
Scores are 535, 552, 463 (equifax, don’t know why there is a huge difference).
I have 0 credit cards, 0 loans, 0 bankruptcies. I have student loans which are shown as up to date (because they are in deferral status). I have 3 old cellphone bills that are in collections- older than 2 years. I have 4 small hospital bills that are in collections (older than 2 years- I thought they would be covered by Medicaid I had at the time, but it was in a different state). And that’s it! No late payments, because I don’t show any open accounts. I’m going to be getting 2 secured cards and paying those on time, also thinking of getting an installment loan or something and paying that on time. Any advice? Should I attempt to pay the small medical and cell phone bills, will that do anything? Also, age of accounts is over 5 years (because of the student loans). Thanks for your help!

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