Jared Keck asked 6 years ago

I’ve lurked at these forums for years, however, I have not been back here for several months. Anyways, not sure where to even start. I kept receiving calls from someone saying I owe a debt, I honestly thought it was a scam and ignored it. Never once received a letter. My grandmother called me saying the same woman called her and threatened to serve them/sue for their property if I did not make a payment. She read off their address, and social securities numbers, and said that I owe them money. Called my dad and his wife saying that I used their social security numbers. I do not have any of their social security numbers, I do not even know my dad’s wife’s number. I would never do anything like that. The woman called after I spoke to her…


I asked her what it was, She said a loan. Which company? Greenswood Holding. Never heard of it. She read my social security number outloud to me and my old address. I said I do not live there anymore, why would you send anything there if that’s the case. I had all of my mail forwarded, yet I’ve never received anything from this company. She would not give her name, their address. I said I did not recognize the company is there another name? She said probably and got angry saying I know who she is. She said it is in the amount of $ 750, then said $ 760. Also that it was made with my Bank of America account, and the account was closed right after, and that I had no intention of paying it back. I’m confused since I do not know WHAT she is talking about. I closed the account back in 2008/2009 and did not have any outstanding loans. She said they subpoeaned the records from BOA and named the last 4 digits of my account. She said it was back in Nov of 2011. I know that is not true the account was not open….


And I said I need more information she said you’ll find out once you give me your new e-mail…she did not send anything. She kept threatening me do you want to handle this or go to court…


I don’t understand she won’t give her name or the real company’s name, or the original debt and I’m supposed to pay her? Then the witch said they are going to garnish wages and that I knew what she was talking about? No, I don’t!. And she pretty much told my father I’ve been using his social security number/s? No way! I have never ever used him or his wife even as a reference, nor my grandparents.


Can I sue? What should I do?


She refuses to give any valid information. Knows the last 4 digits of their socials, where they work, repeated my information to someone else other than me, etc. I am so confused. I do not own any property. 

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