This forum is great, finally 700 club!

QuestionsThis forum is great, finally 700 club!
asked 4 years ago

Wanted to thank this forum, I started on here 9/2012 after getting apartment rentals denied with scores in the low 500’s and it took almost 3 years, but this month I finally broke 700 on all 3 scores! 


You might think “well 3 years would clean up anyone’s scores” but actually with the advice here I was able to get some things removed that otherwise would not have come off until the end of next year so would not have made it into the 700’s this year without this forum. 


Most important things I learned: stop screwing up moving forward by only spending what I can afford.  Start with a couple of secured cards and keep the utilization around 5 percent. Tackle the negative accounts one at a time starting with the ones that are scheduled to be on your reports the longest (or the lowest dollar amounts if more practical) Time  will do the rest. Felt like I would never get here but it feels great now not to have to worry about not being able to rent a place etc. 


For folks just starting out it seems like a long time but it does get better especially if you follow those steps. 


Thanks again! 



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