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asked 4 years ago

Hi All,

I’m planning to purchase a new car within the next year, most likely not before October or November. In the meantime I want to get my score up to get lowest APR possible. From what I read here, the optimal number of revolving accounts is three. I have a CC from my CU opened in january 14, and a Chase freedom card opened in january 2015. I’m thinking a Kohl’s charge card would be useful.



Will a retail card be as good as a CC from a national bank for scoring purposes? Also, is there a minimum time I should have wait after opening my last revolving credit before applying for a auto loan?




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Charles Oldham replied 4 years ago
Capt. Stubing replied 4 years ago

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yassine fathallah replied 4 years ago

thanks for the information ^^

Roosevelt Johnson replied 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this and providing information on this topic. 

Master Flex replied 4 years ago

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Nicky T replied 4 years ago

How good would you say Amazon Rewards is?

RadgarEleding replied 4 years ago

So… 10=3? Not sure I should take advice from that kind of mathematical

giancarlo stanton replied 4 years ago

I fly domestic a lot, and the southwest premier is good for that.

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