Think before accepting a preapproval……

QuestionsThink before accepting a preapproval……
Janis Vernon asked 5 years ago

I received a Cap1 Buypower pre-approval in the mail last week. I figured it would be a nice last addition to my 2 month spree i had going on. I applied was approved for the huge limit of 300 ( i figured it would be low since i had a lot of inq in the last few week). I received the card yesterday and realized I will never be able to use the points off the card because I am eligible for both the GM supplier and employee discounts Smiley Sad . So to the SD it went with the SCT cards a got to start rebuilding years ago.


Recent Additions


Cap 1 Buypower – 300.00

DIscover IT – 3000.00

AMEX Delta – 1000.00

Citi DC – 1800.00

BofA Cash – 2000.00

BofA Plat – 500.00

USAA Classic – 1000.00

Overstock SCT – 1000.00

Ballard Design SCT – 3000.00

Grandin Road SCT – 2000.00

Chase Marriott – 5000.00

EDIT ( left off)

Nordstorm – SL1000 auto CLI first month 2500

Toy R Us – 300.00


See this is what happens when you are stuck at home recovering from a surgery. I will be planting flowers for the near future.


FICO EX 677, EQ 695, TU 650

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