The truth about inquiries, hard pulls . . .

QuestionsThe truth about inquiries, hard pulls . . .
asked 4 years ago

Ok, so I have gotten conflicting info on how bad inquiries/hard pulls really are if you are in rebuilding mode. I have been told it doesn’t matter,  you are rebuilding, it’s part of the process.  But I have about 11 on two reports and 14 on the third. Also, to further confuse me,  a banker at my credit union told  me when I was inquiring about a personal loan that the “year” starts over with a new calendar year, as far as inquiries hurting you most in the previous six months then year.  When I told her 14 inquiries,  she said, “just in 2016?” which it is not. It’s over the last 12 months. 


I had never heard that, I thought it was the previous 12 months??


After April, 3 or so will be at 12 months. Then after July another three or four will be at 12 months. Then in fall two will fall off completely. 



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