The time has come…but so nervous about starting the process

QuestionsThe time has come…but so nervous about starting the process
asked 3 years ago

So I spent the better part of the last two years improving my credit scores and working on my credit mix.  All of that was in order to get in better mortgage approval territory.  But the same way I was completely scared to jump into the credit card arena, I am totally frightened of the mortgage process.


I have spoken to a few real estate agents and one or two lender agents and although they have attempted to allay my fears, I feel like I am still way far away from being able to qualify for a decent mortgage.


I have definitely started spending a lot of time on this board sifting through existing posts just to see what other’s experiences have been.  I know qualifications are dependent on a lot of different factors, so everyone’s experiences are different.


I think my DTI is what is “killing my vibe” on hopes of qualification, but I just don’t know how deep into financials they will dig.


Anywho…thanks for taking the time to read and I’m definitely interested in continuing to read the advice and opinions on this board.

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