The Long Road to Recovery

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Tristan Schilling asked 6 years ago

After a lot of neglect for whatever reasons, I have finally decided to resolve my credit problems. I saw another user post a log on here documenting their journey, and I thought it would be very helpful to do the same. Also, no one in my life knows about my bad score and my debt, so I think it would be helpful if I could tell somebody about it. So I’m thankful I’ve found this forum.




April 1, 2015:


Equifax – 442

TU – 467

Experian – 456


I have 10 accounts; 5 current, 5 past due with 8 missed payments on my record.


Comenity Capital – $ 350 

Chase – $ 1467 

Barclay – $ 1929 

Chase – $ 2180

CFNA – $ 583

Discover – $ 198 (Just paid this off today)

Commerce – $ 849

CACU – $ 2669


Total – $ 10,027


My goal is to have this paid off or mostly paid off in 12 months. It’s hard for me to do it faster because I’m 20 and only make around $ 26,000/year.


My long term credit score goal is to get into the 800s. I know this is probably a decade or more away, but I’m excited for that day. I can do it, and this is the first step.

Credit Repair Uncensored Part 1 – Fix and Repair Your Own Credit

WonderWomanFan4life replied 6 years ago

buying debt for pennies on the dollar say 100 and making the fool repay
3009 dollars.. saying pay it.. they put on your credit. without your
conscent they do not get the actual bill or history of the acct sometimes
they only have your phone number, social, etc. Also how can we stop them
from even looking into our files? FREEZES stop me from looking too. I did a
freeze once but i wanted to check my acct. .that wasnt good. .WHERE are you
Lachelle. Holla at me

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