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Hi all,


My first post here.

I was out of the country and oversea for four years and during this period, the credits hit me hard, and now I come back and trying to rebuild my credit back.

I’m trying to pay all the collections on my credit.

Base on the Credit Bureau “Equifax and TransUnion” I have total five collections, and I already took care 3 out of 5. The last two are “PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES.”


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I have tried to negotiate with them in the past, but they are tough, all I want is 50% of the one-time balance payment, but they said they would never go lower than that and they can’t, they want me to pay 80% of the balance.

So any suggestion or any help? I would like to take care this one way or another. Most of other collections under my account willing to negotiate at 50% one-time payment but these guy are tough, which make me wonder if I have other option to get rid these guys under my credit.

Also, somehow they increase the balance since last time, I was wondering if they know I’m trying to pay the balance and increase the balance? is this legal? they said its an interesting thing.

My main goal is to build credit back and buying the house in the next few years or so. Any input is appreciated it.





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