The Garden is an evil place….

QuestionsThe Garden is an evil place….
Crystal Winslow asked 5 years ago

So, here I am, rocking along in my 3rd month in garden, and feeling proud of myself with no desire for anything and BAM!


While checking all my accts this morning, Out of the blue BOFA decides that I’m eligible for a CLI on my Cash Rewards card.  This is the first time that the CLI button popped up on my acct since I’ve had it.  Ugh!! I’ve had No INQ on TU since May! 


I will remain strong, but have come to the community for encouragement lol!! 😔


just a a little info for those curious…..I run about $ 275-$ 300 per month thru it, PIF before statement cuts. 


Also…received my 1st ever BT offer from Cap1 on my Venture card!  0% / 18mo  3%fee. They are also PIF monthly but after statements cuts, and run about $ 1500-$ 2800 thru it monthly. 




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