Thanks MyFico!

QuestionsThanks MyFico!
asked 4 years ago

2 years ago I was lucky to get a secured card from my bank for $ 400.  Last fall they made it un-secured, then Chase gave me a Slate card for $ 800 at which point my bank raised my cl to $ 800.  2 months ago I asked for a cli on Chase to $ 2,000. After maxing it out and paying it off for 2 months, I just applied for and got a Freedom card with a $ 3500 CLI…feeling good I immediately applied for a Venture Rewards….and GOT IT $ 10,000 cl.   I owe it to the lessons I learned from this and other forums…thank you to every one who has posted their success and failure.   My Fico8 is TU650,EXF652, EXP668 (however my bank showed it as 681).  Vantage is 725.



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