Thanks and words of encouragement…

QuestionsThanks and words of encouragement…
asked 3 years ago

I have been reading many of the posts over the last few months and took inspiration from those posters who decided to finally take control of their credit situation.  I had several medical collections that were really dragging me down, and although I had paid them off in 2013, they were still having a big impact on my scores.  I had also run up large balances on 2 of my 3 cards ($ 29,000 total) helping family and friends out.  I willingly ran the balances up, and have no excuse for incurring the collections, but decided I needed to finally get things under control.  With the help of many good tips from this forum, I was able to get 2 collections removed from the CA using GW requests.  Surprisingly, 2 other collections fell off without me doing anything.  I suspect maybe they had hit their age limit?  I was also fortunate to use a large bonus from work to pay off $ 21k, and now feel absolutely relieved that things are under control again.  Original scores were EQ 773 / TU 700 / EX 689  New scores are EQ 806 / TU 799 / EX 801.


I know some of you may read this and think that my scores weren’t that bad to begin with, but the point I want to make is that with the help of these forums, I was able to raise my scores significantly.  I also want to point out that taking responsibility for past mistakes is a big part of rebuilding your credit profile.  I don’t have a very robust credit file, but I will be especially mindful of the actions I take in the future, largely because of what I have learned in the forums.  Thank you to the posters who are always so generous in sharing their tips and experiences with everyone else.  With time, persistence and good decision making, I believe everyone will be able to improve their situation!

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