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Karine Lukis asked 4 years ago

I’ve had two older collections pop up in my report within the last month. One is medical, the other from directv. I don’t believe I owe either of these, which route do I go? 


I have read about the Texas DV  letter that I’ve seen floating around here that quotes the Texas Finance Code. In it there’s a request for specific information like this:

·The name and address of the original creditor

·The original date of default or non-payment of the debt with original creditor

·The date the debt was transferred from the original creditor to the third party debt collector

·The original balance ·The current balance

·Any fees added by your agency. Sec. 392.303 (a)(2)

·Texas Surety bond information as required by Sec. 392.101


Aside from the last two, I don’t see any of this mentioned in the finance code, and wonder what would prevent a CA from just replying with “this is the amount, this is the date, and this is the name of the OC.” Obviously I can look at my credit report TL and see that information. My issue is that I don’t think I owe these regardless.


For example one is a $ 55 fee from a doctor’s office from Jan 2015, this doesn’t make sense because:

1- I have not gone to that doctor since 2012, 2013 at the latest

2- Appointments are paid for at the time of appointment, you don’t get billed

3- I never received any notice from the doctor, that I had a balance

4- The doctor sold his practice in Jan 2015


What do?

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