Tempted to go on app spree! HELP?!

QuestionsTempted to go on app spree! HELP?!
asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone,


I’m new to the website/forums but would occasionally read up on peoples’ past experiences and have gotten great tips! I’m itching to go on an app spree and am debating on whether or not I should? I really want to increase my overall credit limit and may be willing to get a few cards to have them grow together. I’m hoping you guys can give me some guidance or suggestions! 


I currently have:

BofA Cash Rewards $ 5000 CL

Chase Freedom $ 5000 CL

Citi Forward $ 2900 CL

Wells Fargo Student $ 2000 CL

Barclay Apple $ 1500 CL


The cards I’m interested in are:

Amex BCP

Amex BE

Amex EP

Capital Quicksilver

Citi Double Cash

Citi Thank You

Penfed Premium Travel Amex

Penfed Platinum Rewards Visa

US Bank Visa Sig

US Bank Flexperks Travel Amex


I’ve just read so many posts about multiple apps on one company website = 1 HP. 


Should I jump the gun?! If so…which cards should I aim for?


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