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asked 3 years ago

I know there have been quite a few people talking about how difficult it is to get Target to give out CLIs.


I just logged into my account, and noticed a change.  It shows AVAILABLE credit at $ 1000, as it’s been since the SL, just over five months before.  However, I also noticed that, right below that, is a line that says TOTAL credit, and it’s now reading $ 1600.


I am thinking/hoping that this means that they are granting me a $ 600 CLI, but it’s just not completely available as of yet.


As the nearest Target is 100 miles away, I have only used it twice in the 5 months since I got it (I believe I PIFed both times, the first time I may have carried a bit of a balance into the 2nd month).  I did choose a school for thier giving back programme.


So, perhaps Target/TD Bank is finally loosening their stingy CLI policy.  I’ll try to check back in the next few days to see what the updates look like, and post the results here.


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