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asked 2 years ago

I had several (like 8+) credit cards that went delinquent the end of 2012 beginning of 2013. I paid the majority of them at the end of 2013. There were a couple of accounts that at that time I paid up to date and continued paying. Somehow between the two scenarios, this Target card was missed. It was only a $ 200 CL with a $ 414 balance. Target pursued no collection activity. Fast forward to this year. I started to really look at credit and saw that Target has been reporting as “failure to pay” since 2013. A little research and I realized that I had not paid it with all the others. Sloppy on my part.

I called Target and first asked for a pay for deletion. A firm “no” on that. I paid the entire $ 414 and was told that it would report as “paid in full” in 21-30 days. I received several notices about an account update so I checked my scores. Less than a week later and they had reported it.

Now for the good part- my FICO 8 scores moved up just a few points but my mortgage scores jumped by 18 for Experian and 40!!! for Transunion.

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