Target auto CLI & Discover still stuck…data points…

QuestionsTarget auto CLI & Discover still stuck…data points…
asked 3 years ago

My 4th statement just cut on my Target RedCard…auto cli from $ 1000 to $ 1600. I’ve put ~$ 30 to ~$ 150 through it each month and have PIF twice & let ~$ 30 report twice. Simple got the card for the automatic %5 on every purchase.


My Discover IT 5th statement just cut. They started me at $ 1000 and I requestd a cli at 91 days…got a $ 500 bump. Just hit the button today and declined…looks like I may be on the 91 day cycle. Putting quite a bit through it a month…$ 400 – $ 600 with PIF before cut date or small balance reporting. Love this card but find the limit very restricting. I’m patient but probably just irritated that TD Bank give me an auto cli and my Discover is stuck.


Oh well…need to just put in more time 🙂

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