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asked 4 years ago

How fluid is utilization %?  If it’s high for a few months and I lose points, once it drops below 9% will it boost a lot?  Or will I have to wait it out to continue to rebuild?


I’m aiming to buy a house in a year.  Before the end of the summer I will have to buy a set of braces for my son, purchase a new computer because mine that I purchased in 2009 is barely functioning (shocker), brakes, tires, and strut for my car.  I’m still recovering my savings from paying off my car (which was part of the break up with my ex and not on my credit) THEN having a really major and expensive repair (which cost more than the car payoff, that was a nice joke from the universe).  Some of these things are going to have to be charged.  I’m actually hoping CareCredit turns me down so that I can get in-office financing that doesn’t report to the CRAs.  Given that CC pulls EQ, which I’m still battling over zombie debts, I don’t foresee getting that approved.


I’m trying to estimate what month next year I need to start the whole mortgage nightmare and I know my utilization will play a huge role since I don’t have a lot of credit right now.

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yomommabishxD replied 4 years ago

i love this one! itsz the best ! i love the endinq!! =]]

JT347 replied 4 years ago


Lake Uchino replied 4 years ago

shes hot

alexispogi152 replied 4 years ago

hhahaha cool!

Beelzebird replied 4 years ago

WOE! Excellent concept, editing, storytelling, and humor. Now that we’ve
got those points out of the way…WHO IS THE GIRL?

BoogaardBoy24 replied 4 years ago

haha, me too!!!!

marastuart1996 replied 4 years ago

you should win bcuz thats the best one!!

Thegr8t2 replied 4 years ago

Hahaha! This one rocks ;)!

km9blue replied 4 years ago

This guy didn’t need to win the contest, because if that’s really his wife,
he’s already won. Holy crap.

sims2grl4eva204 replied 4 years ago


weareactualsize replied 4 years ago

Thanks. We made it to the top ten and then got voted out. Oh, well.

Timothy DeLaGhetto replied 4 years ago

i dont know why she’s in her underwear, and i dont care! haha

abbyishot2 replied 4 years ago

0:27 XD LOL

thebrad15401 replied 4 years ago

winner winner chicken dinner o and winner of contest 😛

Serge Magnavox replied 4 years ago


mountindew replied 4 years ago

Got to say this was my fav. I love the end.

ToxicY0utub3 replied 4 years ago

one of the best ive seen

AnthonyFBG replied 4 years ago

haha at the end =]

hemandude2 replied 4 years ago

LMAO!! the ending is so funnyy!!

LindaDulcinea replied 4 years ago

Haha! That was so well done.

DoNaVaNq replied 4 years ago

ROFL! the end is ROFL!

MetricKeyMLG replied 4 years ago

Your video is good.

MissVictoriaTim replied 4 years ago

To die for! weareactualsize FTW!

bluboflove replied 4 years ago

wow the video is better than mine hope you win and i am sorry for me
because you did better than mine!!!

ImNotBritish replied 4 years ago

it was alright until when the woman said ‘offer applies in enrollment’ THAT
was funny good job

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