Taking it to Midland…LEGALLY!!!

QuestionsTaking it to Midland…LEGALLY!!!
Kraig Custance asked 6 years ago

So I’m having difficulty getting midland removed from a collection on my account. I’ve gone through CFPB and I’ve gotten a lawyer so far in order to combat midland and force them off my reports.


I just want to know if you guys have ideas to file suits against them personally, such as defamation of character anything that is NOT covered by the FCRA/FCDRA because the lawyer will take care of that hopefully when she gets back from vacation. The reason being is that they simply wont verify the debt saying that they have already sent a letter out months ago and that is why they will not verify. So I’m going to sue to bring forth their evidence against me.


I know midland preys on the weak and misinformed consumers, but I want to file suits one after another in order to make it as least cost effective for them as possible. I know this is going to get pricey on my end but I’m willing to do this in order to get them off my record and not report for the next 5 or so year so to me its worth it.


Please chime in if you have a good basis or idea of what I should personally file against them in small claims court. I hope to pester them and cause them financial loss at my own determinet because I believe in the long run this will be worth it.


Thank you in advance!

Credit Repair Reviews and my Top 10 Credit Repair Warning Signs

The Credit Guy TV replied 6 years ago

Credit Repair Reviews and my Top Ten Credit Repair Warning Signs. Are you
considering using a credit repair company? Well you want to be very careful
if you do. In this video, I cover the top ten warning signs that let you
know if you should trust a credit repair person. Do not consider hiring a
credit repair company or anyone in the credit repair industry unless you
watch this video.

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Dave Sullivan replied 6 years ago
Dave Sullivan replied 6 years ago

pay in full every month until you are ready to apply for a loan then leave
5-9 % of the available credit on the reporting day.. look at my other
videos for more information 🙂

joe cory replied 6 years ago

I have a few questions . I am new to the country and am building my credit.
It has been 6 months now that I have had a secured card and almost 6 months
since I have had another secured card. I recently was approved for a
unsecured card also and one more. Now my balance is high but I pay it in
full every month ahead of my due date. Is that okay or should I do it
different. Also I have about 15 inquiries on my credit report. is this bad
or not and how does it affect my score in points..

joe cory replied 6 years ago

what about the high balance on my credit cards. should I keep a low
balance. I do pay it in full early every month.

Dave Sullivan replied 6 years ago

Credit Karma and experian use different scoring models so it is hard to get
any idea where you are currently at. what is your credit goal?

Dave Sullivan replied 6 years ago

you should add non secured credit accounts when you can but you may want to
keep the secured card to keep the history the goal should be 3-5 bank
credit cards don’t worry about the inquiries. the most they could cost you
is 20-30 point but it depends on your credit report. Just at some point
stop applying for credit

Dave Sullivan replied 6 years ago

Get 3-5 bank credit cards clear all collections ASAP and never pay late…

joe cory replied 6 years ago

good credit score and standing for future so I can get a mortgage for a
house. or start a small business in like 3 years. Do you have any advice
for me.

joe cory replied 6 years ago

Also I have looked at different credit report agencies to get my report and
score and kredit kharma says my fico is 618 and then I went to Experian and
they gave me a score of 697. why is it so different and which site do you
recommend I look at. I also have one through my bank of Wells Fargo that I
can monitor all three and they say 613. Can you tell me the best way to get
my score higher in my situation.

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