Synchrony didn’t see previous GW adjustment

QuestionsSynchrony didn’t see previous GW adjustment
Waldo Perkinson asked 5 years ago

Interesting point of data here for those that are going for Synchrony GW.  I’ve got 2 accounts through Synchrony, both Care Credit, one closed paid in full and one open about to be paid off and closed.  I recently received a GW adjustment removing all (multiple) late payments from my current Care Credit account.  While this adjustment was made, I had already sent out another Round of GW letters.  I received a response yesterday from someone at Synchrony that received my request after the adjustments had already been made stating that my account didn’t currently have any late payments so that there was no need to make any adjustments to the account.


I found this information to be interesting, as it could mean that once an adjustment is made that futher CSRs can’t see that an adjustment was made.  Good to know that in this case I didn’t poke the sleeping bear.


What I do like about knowing this with respect to Synchrony is that I can now request a GW adjustment to my other (closed) Care Credit account, and in doing so reference my perfect history with my current account which certainly adds some ammo as to why they should consider a GW adjustment on my former account.  Hopefully this is helpful to anyone that has multiple Synchrony accounts that is able to achieve GW with one of them.

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