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Karine Lukis asked 6 years ago

I am so excited i don’t even know where to start from.

Got my amazon and walmart card i guess end of jluy with $ 800 SCL for Amazon and only $ 150 SCL for Walmart.

Since then i have been trying to increase my limits on both as i use my amazon card heavily, from household items to business. Walmart did not get much use as the limit is very low.

This morning, i applied for Barclay’s credit card and after an instant denial, caqlled recon line and got it approved for $ 1000 SCL after just a few simple questions with no sweat.

Thought i should give synchrony a shot again for the CLI i have been trying.

First tried Amazon thru chat and asked for $ 2K and got an instant approval. I could have asked for more but the rep gave me wrong information on counter offers. When i asked him if i dont get approved for what i ask for, if they may come with a counter offer, and he said no. So i asked for $ 2K and got an instant approval.


An hour later decided to give my walmart a try, thru chat and asked for $ 1K hoping to get maybe $ 500, and BOOM, instant approval for the $ 1K i asked for.

Went out to take care of a few things, but kept wondering if i left any money on the table with walmart, since my amazon went up to $ 2K.

Then i thought $ 800 to $ 2K is only 2.5x CLI vs $ 150 to $ 1K is almost 7 x CLI. So i thought i got the best i can for walmart, especially considering it has not even been 2 months i got it, andlet it go.

Came home an hour later and decided to give it another try thinking i am pushing it, especially on the same day.

This time tried walmart first, thru chat again, and asked for $ 2500 and guess what….? Instant approval for the full amount i asked for.

Then at this point there is no stopping me, jumped right back at amazon chat and asked for $ 5K and got approved for $ 3500

So today has been a great day so far,

Walmart CLI from $ 150 to $ 1000 to $ 2500 same day, 2 chat requests

Amazon CLI from $ 800 to $ 2000 to $ 3500 same day, 2 chat requests.

What i think made this happen is 2 secured cards with $ 1000 limit was just increased to $ 2500 each and this alone caused my equifax fico to jump from right at 600 to 655 over night. My first statement with walmart was about $ 38, and the second month i only used it for $ 116 one time and paid it off.

My advise if you are considering a CLI with synchrony, now seems to be a good time, and shoot high and they will come bak with their best offer. So you don’t leave any money on the table.

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