Switching cell phone carrier and paying off remaining phone balances

QuestionsSwitching cell phone carrier and paying off remaining phone balances
Francesca Day asked 5 years ago

After many years with Verizon, my wife, daughter, and myself recently switched to US Cellular.  However, my wife and I had our phones on the Edge program (or whatever it is called now) where we were making monthly payments on the phone and, between the two of us, have a little over $ 600 left to pay off our phones.  However, our deal with US Cellular is that US Cellular will payoff your remaining phone balance if you switch to them, which is why we did it (in addition to get an ADDITIONAL $ 336 rebate per phone on top of them paying off our remaing Verizon phone balance).  The problem is that it takes US Cellular 10-12 weeks to process the payoff and rebates, so they recommend that we payoff our Verizon phones out of our pocket for now until they reimburse us in 10-12 since Verizon will want this full amount “due upon receipt” when we get our final bill from them.


Now, we really don’t have $ 600 that we can float for the next 3 months.  In addition, we will still need to pay for a full month of service for our last month with Verizon even though we switched right after our new billing cycle started.  So, basically, we are paying BOTH carriers for this month, so and extra $ 600 is definitely hard to cough up right now. Do you think that paying at least SOME sort of monthly payment to Verizon towards our phones until we get our reimbursement from US Cellular in a couple months will keep them happy?  Or will they still report a 30 day late (or even send to CA) if we don’t actually pay the full sum right away?

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