Super Rewards Extreme Freedom Visa Card

QuestionsSuper Rewards Extreme Freedom Visa Card
Kristan MacKillop asked 5 years ago

A friend and I were discussing the best credit cards we ever had one day and I told him for me it was my Super Rewards Extreme Freedom Visa card from my local bank. He said he had never heard of it but asked for details. I explained that it was before there were even any reward cards on the market, it had a 29.99% interest rate, no cash back, and a 500 dollar limit. How was that your best card ever he asked. I explained that at the time I was in a very bad live-in relationship with the worst financially irresponsible woman on Earth. She had ruined her credit, and I had 2 Credit cards that I refused to make her an authorized user on. I recieved a preauthorized offer for a plain Visa card with a 500 dollar limit which I decided to accept. My GF saw me filling this out and informed me that if I did not make her an AU, she was leaving me. I didn’t…she left! No credit card since has ever even come close to matching this benefit. I named it my Super Rewards Extreme Freedom Visa card!!!

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