Super Excited but YIKES!!!!! 4 Approvals!

QuestionsSuper Excited but YIKES!!!!! 4 Approvals!
Kami Sturgess asked 4 years ago

So I have great news! and then a not so great realization.


Went on a little APP spree. CSP and Freedom and Amex Business Platinum (JUST APPROVED ON RECON!!!) and Amex ED and got approved for all 4. 

After the excitement wore off, I realized HOLY CRAP I have to spend $ 10,000 in the next 3 months (AmexBusPlat), PLUS $ 4,000 (CSP), PLUS $ 500 (ChaseFreedom), PLUS $ 1000 (Amex ED) to get all of the rewards. 


Anyone reading this and thinking about going on an app spree…PLEASE think about this. If you don’t spend this amount of money in such a short time, leave some space in between your apps!


Nevertheless. The Freedom, I have already completed the $ 500 needed for the 15,000 point bonus. If anyone wants to weigh in, please do, but I think at this point I sort of need to pick a side. #teamAMEX or #teamCHASE. — Realistically, if I run EVERY SINGLE THING through the Platinum, I should be able to get to the $ 10,000 in 3 months. With that, I doubt I would meet the 4k spend on the CSP. Any suggestions on what I should do? 


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