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QuestionsStudent with 6 months…
Jurgen Innes asked 5 years ago

My Disco secured just turned 6 months. Hoping to unsecure next month and see it report a higher CL and unsecured status.


Then I shall app!!!


Ex FICO 8 is at 719 although it’ll probably go down per


I do have a decent part-time income but I am a full-time student.


I have a decent part-time income. While I do really want to go to Chase (I already bank there and like the Chase Freedom and now the new card!) but it seems it’d be wise to wait for a year of history…


Looking at the Cap1 Journey Student with the hope of a PC to QSR. Is this more or less guaranteed if I garden or should I be weary about student products that may stick me with a low CL for life?


Any other recomendations? I looked at the WF student card but have the same concern as the Cap1. Would I have a good shot at the BofA student card? I’ve seen people having trouble with the Citi student card and the rewards aren’t any better for me than the Disco.


Note too I had a rough start with inquiries… I was denied at Chase, BofA, and even Cap1 in July 2016. I wish I could get prequals but Obama signed away that one.


Also question about the Cap1 card finder. It wants your full SSN unlike Chase, BofA, etc. with last 4 only. Any reason why? Might they do an HP?


Thanks all!

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