student loans and mortgage scores

Questionsstudent loans and mortgage scores
Markus Pinkham asked 5 years ago

Please bare with me, I’m pretty new to this of rebuilding credit.

Trying to get a conventional loan, pre approved for FHA, but I have the means to put down 20%. The problem is, my credit score.
EQ 651
TU 667
EX 673

However, my mortgage fico scores are lower
EQ 618
TU 625
EX 657

I’m really trying to get my scores up:

I have few late payments 17 months ago
3 open medical collections 24 + months old
1 paid medical collection showing only on 1 CR
4 credit cards totaling $ 1250 in CL currently I have zero balances
1 revolving account with CL $ 9000 with balance owing of $ 785 (it was at $ 5094.00 last reportng to credit last month, so I paid a pretty good amount yesterday, waiting for it to update on my credit report to see if that will give me a boost.)
Student loans $ 8817.00 been paying monthly

I know I need to wait for the negatives to fall off, long ways to go….

But in the meantime is there anyway I can try to raise my score?

I am in the middle of disputing a two 60 day late from my student loan back in 2013, as I was on deferment/forbearance….unless they can still report under forbearance.

Really trying here to clean up this mess

Any suggestions to raise my mortgage score up?


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