Student Loan Sold – Campus Partners to ECSI

QuestionsStudent Loan Sold – Campus Partners to ECSI
asked 3 years ago

I am so confused.  My student loan was originally with Campus Partners up until Feb 2016.  I was unaware of the loan as it is the only Perkins that I ever had and it completely slipped my mind.  Needless to say it was severely past due. 


In March 2016 it was acquired by ECSI Heartland.  ECSI Heartland emailed me to introduce themselves and I called them right away to discuss.  I agreed to a rehab plan which states if I make 9 consecutive, timely payments they will delete all negatives and bring account current.   I have been paying and plan to continue to.


My issue is that Campus Partners is still reporting as open and saying that the loan is 180 days past due.  They have no payment ever being listed when I have made 6 payments since then. 


Is it worth disputing this?  Is Campus Partners still allowed to be reporting an open account when it is ECSI who I now make payments to? 


Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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