asked 4 years ago

I’ve been working on rebuilding my credit for some time now and currently have several unsecured revolving accounts with perfect payment histories and low utilization, and several installment loans (including a paid off auto loan) up to  date.


That leaves the baddies still on my report from years past.  Assuming I have limited resources with which to address charged off balances, which of the following events are likely to immediately raise my score the most, and is there anything with respect to these accounts I should NOT do?


1.) A chargeoff from 7 years ago with a balance still due falls off my report

2.) I pay in full a chargeoff from 2 years ago and it remains on the report.

3.) I pay something on a chargeoff from 2 years ago and the creditor deletes it from my report.

4.) I dispute a collection account (no longer the OC) and it is deleted from my report.

5.) I reduce utilization on current accounts from, say, 20% to 10%.


Thanks for any input!

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