Starting the journey….

QuestionsStarting the journey….
asked 3 years ago

Hello all!!!

Like many I have been lurking for quite sometime and chosen its time to introduce myself. I made some mistakes early on and now that I’m married and have two young children I’m ready to get things in order.

I’m an AU on my DH USAA CC which he has almost maxed out. Can I get removed as its showing on my CR as being a negative due to utilization. I have recently opened a CapOne Quicksilver1, Navy Fed CC and VS. ( All opened in July)

I have 3 collection accounts totaling in just over 1k, I am going to pay those but is it better to pay the original creditor or the collection agency?

I have student loans which are deferred right now and a car loan which is current. Other than that I have no other credit history and my score is 578 (My fico) .

I am hoping that by the beginning of the year my scores start to look up as we want to purchase another house (DH ownes one we are in process of selling to get VA loan again) in the next couple of years.

Other than paying the collections and getting removed as an AU any other suggestions to help in my rebuild??

I know slow and steady wins the race 🙂

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