Started Credit Repair 10 mos ago…Chase Sapphire Approval?

QuestionsStarted Credit Repair 10 mos ago…Chase Sapphire Approval?
asked 2 years ago

Hi all,


Sorry this is long but I would really appreciate any help.


I’m 23 years old and began my credit repair about 10 months ago and started seeking out repair help (skyblue) and paying down balances more aggressively about 6 months ago. I was in the 700’s about 3-4 years ago because my dad listed me as an AU on some of his cards to help build my credit file (I didn’t use it). When I got to college, I had very little credit knowledge and began to apply in a time of young, dumb need. Applied for BoA with a $ 500 CL, Discover with a $ 500 CL, Chase Slate with a $ 1000 (CLI to $ 2000), CreditOne with a $ 300CL, and Cap1 with a $ 1000 CL. My credit report shows close to 7 months of missed payments, some up to 120 days late as I was making the min payment whenver I cared to (rarely). I had dropped to the low 500’s by the time I was out of college, and Chase, Credit1 & BoA closed my cards. I currently have $ 30,000ish of student loans and have not missed any payments. My avg credit history is 3 years, I believe my oldest and first card was BoA.


Currently showing 5 inquiries that should fall off in the next 6 months – Have not had any hard CC pulls since 12/15, with the exception of applying for an apt a few days ago. In August 2016, I finally got my first steady income ($ 50,000) and opened the curtains to the mess I made in the past year and a half. I now have about 10 months of on-time payments on my Discover & Cap1 card, have been climbing up to 680’s CK and just made one large payment to bring both open cards down to a 10% utilization (hopefully that’ll help me jump another 20-30 points). <mod edit> I have been consistently paying the minimum on the three closed cards, finally paid off BoA a few months ago but still have $ 300 on the Credit1 and $ 1600 on Chase (they’re still charging interest even though it’s closed?). I’ve been focusing primarily on getting my open cards back on track and am excited to hopefully hit 700 soon.


I know I still have a long way to go and I have been hesitant to apply for any CC credit boosters (unsecured etc) as I want to save any inquiries for a premium rewards card. Definitely drinking the kool-aid and really want the CSR or CSP as I am planning a big trip soon. How are my chances once I get to the 700’s with my poor Chase history? Does anybody have any experience with CSR approvals with a history of closed-by-creditor Chase card? Should I wait until I can pay off my closed Chase card before applying or does that not make a huge difference? Should I start by banking with Chase? I just got a job offer and my salary should be increasing to 60-70K.



Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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