Sprint debt with AFNI suddenly showing as removed?

QuestionsSprint debt with AFNI suddenly showing as removed?
asked 4 years ago

Hi guys..posting again, as I just just sifting through my account on CK and noticed something.


According to CK, AFNI has removed the collection from my credit report as of 9/3/2016. I noticed that before going to AFNI, the same Spring debt was with Diversified Adjustments Services, almost exactly one year ago (that one was removed 8/25/2015).


I read recently that it’s possible carriers “move” the debt between collectors, and if you catch it between the move, you can ask to pay it before it’s even reported to the CRAs. I’m not sure if this is the case of AFNI has just removed it because I recently sent them two PFDs, but to both fo them they replied saying they would not delete in return for payment.


What would you guys do? Should I call AFNI? Should I call Sprint? Should I just stay quiet and see how it pans out? I have not received any further communication from AFNI, and have no idea what’s going on.

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