asked 4 years ago

1. What do you consider a regular app spree?
2. What do you consider a major spree?
3. What do you consider a “mini” spree?

*(amount of cards, timeframe)
The Credit Card Sized Micro-Phone Backup Cell Phone

Toxicman yo replied 4 years ago

Well i would like to buy this phone,but can i send massage on this phone?

the cookie crew replied 4 years ago

I think I’m on the wierd part of the internet again :/

vanxh neri replied 4 years ago

can i send/ recieve SMS with this phone?

vanxh neri replied 4 years ago


Lasha3333333 replied 4 years ago

where can i buy this phone?

Sunny Min replied 4 years ago

you can get one here … at the micro-phone website … its a dot net site

Terry Knight replied 4 years ago

Hi Lasha, It looks like the company is taking pre-orders at 79 dollars US
for the basic model on their website, micro-phone dot(net). The tracker
model is 179, I don’t see a delivery date for the pre-orders. Hope this

jayinn replied 4 years ago


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