SPG Approved …sort of in shock….limit issue…

QuestionsSPG Approved …sort of in shock….limit issue…
asked 3 years ago



So, I got approved for Amex SPG with a 1000.00 limit…was quite shocked at how low.


My Bloomingdales is 3k


Cap One 33k, Penfed 20l, other Penfed 15k…


EX was 661



I guess what I cant wrap my head around is they are letting my charge 4k on my Platinum card that is a week old, but only extended to me 1k on the SPG card.



Not logical AT ALL



Should I charge 1k on the card for two months and PIF or should I call in when my score jumps to 681 and try for an increase before the 3 month mark is up ?



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