Someone tell me why!!!!

QuestionsSomeone tell me why!!!!
Jared Keck asked 5 years ago

So I get a notification from myfico of a score change on my Equifax report. To my dismay, my score dropped 23 points. I’m scrambling looking to see why and how. All my credits cards are paid with no late payments. No new credit inquiries etc. So I file a dispute to view my report from Equifax. Lo and behold I found a new account added to my report from National Credit Adjuster. They bought out my old Kays account the early part of last year and I have been sending them $ 30 weekly to pay down my $ 2827 that I owed Kays from 2009. Balance left is $ 1147 with no missed payments to this company. Can someone tell me why this account was added to my credit report and can they do that after I have been paying then weekly and one time. I am so upset over this Smiley Sad I already have Kays as a negative report on my Equifax and I understand that. But to the company I’ve been paying to diligently, not fair…. They bought Kays account and I pay them gosh darnit!!

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