SO discouraged :(

QuestionsSO discouraged :(
asked 4 years ago

I have been working on my credit like crazy, settling old debts, PFDing, disputing inaccuracies and things have been finally looking up, I crossed the 640 threshold and have just begun to see the light in regards to maybe finally being a homeowener and I got news today that Security Credit Services is in the process of filing a lawsuit against me for judgment by a bankruptcy lawyer who apparently scours lawuit listings for potential clients.


It’s $ 3,500+ for an apartment eviction that I did not know about. It turns out that the last place I lived in evicted me after I moved out. I gave 30 days notice and moved out in September 2011. I didn’t leave until after 5pm and left the keys in an envelope along with my forwarding address in the night drop box for the rental office. Apparently, they evicted me and notified me at the address that I moved out of- although I can’t find a judgment for that on my credit reports. Neither can I find Security Credit Services on my current credit report, but my ex-husband who was on the lease with me, did not find a judgment, either but found a collection account from Security Credit Services on his  credit report and they are literally two months inside the SOL for my state. I am named along with him in the lawsuit. The company who owned the apartment complex has gotten out of business in my state and no one who worked there in 2011 is around anymore.


Apparently, since we did not return the keys to the office when we moved out in person, they continued to charge us rent for three months and then added court fees to it, coming up with the $ 3,500+. I have literally spent every dime I have getting my credit in order and don’t have anywhere near the money requested in the lawsuit and won’t have for at least 4 months of saving like crazy. My ex-husband has no aspirations to improve his credit and isn’t working so doesn’t care about the fear of garnishments, etc. 


I just don’t know what to do and just feel like giving up.

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