Should i PIF $15k of Amex Plat purchases before statement closes?

QuestionsShould i PIF $15k of Amex Plat purchases before statement closes?
asked 4 years ago


hi guys



I’ve been more or less gardening for the past year and a bit. For a couple of months I hit 805 FICO on EX (12 inq). But it dropped to sub 800 last month.


I put a decent amount of spend across all my main cards (United Club, SPG, and sometimes Amex Plat), mainly to maximize categories.


I have about a dozen cards, six with Amex (Plat, Green Senior, and four charge cards with $ 40k of revolving).  I have two Chase cards with total of $ 24k of CL (United Club, Freedom, which was formerly CSP).  Barclays Arrival+ 10.5k, BofA+FIA total of $ 9k.



I don’t have sights set on which cards to spree in the spring buy one will definitely be the CSP, since it will be 24+ months since my last CSP bonus.   And by then all my accounts will be over two years old, so no worries re the 5 new card limit from chase.

Anyway,  we had to make a bunch of purchases this month on the Amex Platinum, about $ 15k.  I usually PIF before most of my cards close and I only have one or two cards close with a balance showing.  (usually no more than $ 4k total).    


Bulk of my inquiries are falling off this winter and I am looking at my next spree sometime in Feb/March.  




Should I let the $ 15k of Amex Platinum purchases close and show up on the statement?  (my total outstanding has been around $ 3k-$ 4.8k per month). The one month that went above $ 5k the FICO dropped.   I have about $ 110k of available CL, including my AU cards.

The one reason I can think of is the other issuers of mine (Chase, Barclays) seeing that I can spend and pay off this munch.  Since usually whenever i PIF an Amex card before the closing my EX report shows $ 0 activity.    

The other reason i can think of to let this statement print is that it will show a higher top balance for the charge card, thereby showing other issues a quasi-limit. 




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