Should I have this account history added to my CR ?

QuestionsShould I have this account history added to my CR ?
Gaston Titsworth asked 5 years ago



So I had two First Premier accounts, one opened in 2002 & one in 2003, (date of last activity June 2008  & March 2008)  that I paid on time and in full that are not appearing at all on my EQ report and my EQ fico is 20 points different than my EX and TU


I was thinking about having First Premier add these two paid on time closed accounts as history with the hope that doing this will increase my EQ score


However, both of these were closed by the credit grantor and I don’t know how this will look when I add the tradelines ?



Should I not worry about this verbiage on the first premier accounts ?



I was also going to get a cap one to add an account that was paid on time and closed at my request.




Thoughts ?




Thank you

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