should i file a chargeback?

Questionsshould i file a chargeback?
Lazaro Cowen asked 5 years ago

took my car in for service, they were suppose to do an oil change and 20 other things (fluids, wipers, battery check).  battery died a week after service, wiper blades still sound like a nails on a chalk board.  I was suppose to get a write up of everything they checked and values (i.e. tire thread is 9/32, etc.), i didn’t get this write up, when i asked they said they couldn’t find it.  only thing on receipt that they did was an oil change, but charged me for the full service.

thinking of getting the car serviced at another dealership and i’ll make sure they check everything and provide write up.

long story short, i never filed a chargeback with my credit card.  it’s obvious the first dealership missed checking a bunch of things.  will the receipt (write up) from the second dealership help me win?

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