Should I close my capital one secured card?

QuestionsShould I close my capital one secured card?
asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone!!!!
I am back and very excited (once again) lol
My 6th statement with my capital one MC just closed and I received my credit steps increase of 500 went from 500-1500 and now 2000 yayyy!!!! Ok so back to my question, I have a cap1 secured card that I opened 12 months ago, only has 500 CL, this is my oldest account and I’m afraid to close it, but also want to app for another unsecured with cap1…I also have a bofa that should be graduating next month at the 1 year mark, I hope this will help my score not to drop much if a close my capital one secured card…any advise would be greatly appreciated!?

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