Should I cancel consumer finance cards?

QuestionsShould I cancel consumer finance cards?
asked 3 years ago

I recently got approved for a new Discover it card. On a letter that I received with the new card it had my credit score, factors, etc. One of the factors said TOO MANY CONSUMER FINANCE  ACCOUNTS. From doing research I see that these are typically cards from stores or low end finance companies. When I was establishing credit I got a few store cards like Walmart, Macys, Express, and National Tire & Battery. Also a line of credit with PayPal called PayPal Smart Connect. The Walmart card and PayPal credit both use Synchrony Bank. The Macys card uses Department Stores National Bank. Express uses Comenity Bank, and NTB uses Citigroup. All of these accounts have a 0 balance, have always been paid on-time, and are used seldomly for small transactions only to keep the account active. However, I am now wondering if these accounts are potentially hurting my scores and if i should cancel one or two of them. The PayPal account only has a limit of 500, but is one of my oldest accounts. I know that losing history and decreasing available credit will lower scores so what is the lesser of two evils? Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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