Should I apply for the Capital One cards I was Prequalified for

QuestionsShould I apply for the Capital One cards I was Prequalified for
asked 3 years ago

12 Months ago I had 28 derogs. Today I am down to 16 with 5 charge offs that I will have paid off by May 15th. It’s been a long road. I plan on sending countless goodwill letters where I have derogs left. Before I started the dispute route I had scores of 685-697. However, I had so much conflicting information on my report I had to dispute to figure out what to pay and what not to pay. This process cost me 75 points. The remaining charge offs I am getting ready to pay of while I work through a PFD plan. I think by the time I make these 5 payments I will have about 9-10 derogs left with zero debt showing. The 5  charge offs I left left with balances are reporting late every month since I started dispute process. Which was expected. But costing my credit monthly score drops.


So, right now I have a CO Secured with a $ 3.3K limit with no balance. that is exactly 12 months old. Over the first 12 months I have paid $ 47K (yes, $ 47,000) in payments to them. I travel a ton for work and benefit from being able to use personal credit cards for travel. I also have a Credit One with $ 550 that I have made about about $ 3K in payments over the first 6 months. The 3rd thing I did was buy a car where I borrowed $ 15K and paid it off exactly 12 months from the first date of load. I think I paid it off too quickly, I think I should have just paid the interest to get another 12 months worth of good paying.


Now, I went to the Capital One site and did the prequal and got the message “Congratulations” on being prequalified for a Capital One Platinum & a Capital One QS1. Should I do these now or wait till my report drops the $ 27K in dept I have to zero which is in 2 months. Maybe I would prequal for Venture? But, if I apply for the Platinum and the QS1, can I with the secured card also? And, how is it that you actually apply for the two at the same time (I have read that over and over).


Lastly, should I get the Discover secured? Or wait on this one also till after paying the last 5 off? I am reading that hard pulls don’t really matter during a rebuild.


Lastly the 16 derogs accounts state they will fall off my CR by 7/17. 



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